Earth Cafe & Market Bali

History of Earth Cafe

Since its founding in 2002 by renowned nutritionist Liat Solomon, who at a young age became interested in the power of food to heal, the Down To Earth Company (DTE) has grown into the first chain of restaurants and marketplaces in Bali selling gourmet Vegan foods.

From the outset, we at Earth Cafe and our sister restaurants have dedicated ourselves to operating according to the highest possible standards. On a larger scale, we are committed to realizing our vision for a happy and healthy future for all; a vision rooted in the principles and mission set forth by the esteemed Mr. Michio Kushi, namely to create “One Peaceful World Through Nutrition.”

Health-Conscious Living

Earth Cafe is committed to serving the best-quality, freshest and most nutritious Mediterranean cuisine, while also tailoring our food to individual dietary or allergy requirements. We partner exclusively with companies and suppliers that share our dedication to excellence.

Filled with a passion for Vegan and Macrobiotic principles; and a zeal for bringing about positive change in the lives of our customers, suppliers, and workers, we at Earth Cafe are firmly committed to promoting exuberant love, compassionate non-violence, and health-conscious living – wherever we operate.

Cutting-Edge Healthy Food

We serve only the finest Vegan meals, drinks, and snacks. Earth Cafe operates according to strict Western standards of food preparation, handling, and preservation.

All of our nutritious foods and drinks are prepared in stainless steel vessels; and are free of bleached salts and sugars, hydrogenated oils, and chemical additives or preservatives. At Earth Cafe, we adhere strictly to the most updated and cutting-edge standards of excellence in hygiene, cleanliness, food preparation, food handling, and operational integrity.

The Earth Market

Our marketplaces carry items that promote healthy lifestyles, most of which are sustainably produced by environmentally-conscious, local workers and companies.

Products include hand and body soaps, household cleaning products, literature, clothing, cosmetics, jewellery, nutritional supplements, grains, fresh fruits, prepared spices, baked goods such as cookies, and much more. We carry over 1000 different products, each carefully selected for top quality. All goods and products that we import, grow, bake, prepare, package, or manufacture are available for purchase at wholesale volumes; for home, restaurants, special events, or planned outing needs.

It's never too late

A Vegan subsists on food made from plants, and uses only items made from plants. Objecting to the cruelty of industrial animal husbandry out of respect for the rights of all beasts (regardless of size or cuteness) vegans avoid consuming meats tainted by suffering.

By consuming real food – rather than processed, commercial products that merely mimic food – Vegans nourish themselves with conscious and loving care, while nurturing intestinal flora (i.e. gut-bacteria) that support optimal health and a balanced, positive outlook on life. Our Earth Cafe menu is fully Vegan and Macrobiotic. We serve our customers natures best, and all you need to eat well and stay healthy!


Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.

- Margaret Mead


Down To Earth Bali

The Company behind Earth Cafe & Market.

Established in Bali in December 2002, Down to Earth was originally a home-based kitchen that has since grown and developed into a substantial organization, today operating six restaurants and markets across Bali.

The Down To Earth ethos and philosophy is reflected in our latest venture: Paradiso. The founder and director of Down To Earth is Liat Solomon, a trained nutritionist, macrobiotic educator, counselor and vegetarian chef. The food served at all Down To Earth venues has, from the very beginning, been created and perfected by Liat, using her extensive nutritional knowledge.

Down To Earth meets the highest standards of sourcing ingredients and food preparation using the best ingredients.

Our vegetables, all locally grown and mostly organic, are washed and sorted with spring water. Each ingredient that goes into our products – either made locally or, in some cases, imported – is carefully considered and chosen for its superior inherent quality.